Hi, I'm Dean

I work at WeForge Studio. We are making a game called Macabre. I also have some personal projects that I work on sometimes, below are some of them.

Burglar's Run

Developed in C++ and using OpenGL for rendering, this is a WIP game intented for eventual release, and my current main project.

The custom engine for the game can be accessed through github. It includes the following features:

The following features are planned but not yet implemented:


Released in 2019, Sneaker is a first-person stealth game where your weapons are your shoes. It was made by the indie studio Three Beak where I was the game director and lead programmer. I was one of 2 programmers and personally wrote all gameplay, AI and UI code. The game was developed in Unity and C#, and includes the following features:

Stealth Game POC

A POC for a puzzle/stealth game where the player's main tool is a dart gun that allows them to possess enemies. Developed in UE4 using C++.

VR Storyboarding Tool

This was was made with another programmer as a paid contract for a film production company in Canberra. It is a VR tool designed for a particular film about people trapped in a car inside a shipping container that gets lost at sea. The client wanted to be able to move certain parts of the car, change scene lighting, position a rigged character model, take screenshots with a virtual camera and do various other things to manipulate the scene and plan out shots for actual filming. Developed under 2 weeks in UE4 using a combination of C++ and Blueprint Visual Scripting.